Great Ways You Could Use Glass Beads


Beads are solid materials with holes through which threads can be strung, forming a beautiful piece. There are over 100 types of bead materials, and each of them has something peculiar to them. Beads are used for cultural, religious, and sometimes traditional purposes, and of course, they are also used for trading worldwide. Some artists make fabulous designs with beautiful beads to be displayed at art auctions to be bid for at high prices. Beads also have an amazing way of adding beauty to whoever puts them on after it has been neatly threaded.

As stated earlier, there are over 100 materials of beads, and one of the most common and beautiful the beads is the glass bead. Apart from the fact that glass beads are clearly attractive, this bead offers various colors and shapes while looking almost the same. Also, glass beads are cheaper than other bead materials like crystal, etc. Glass beads have a lot of uses which will be stated as we go on in this article.

Ways You Could Make Use Of Glass Beads

  • Fashion: The most common use of glass beads is for style. The glass beads are arranged with thread to form a necklace; glass beads coming in different colors also allow the maker to mix up colors giving it a spark that will be attractive to the eye. It is also used during weddings by the couple, it compliments their dresses and gives them a bright look they need on their day, and sometimes the glass bead is embroidered in the clothes. Also, some people also use glass beads to make waist beads when this type of bead is used to make the waist shine all over and make the waist more attractive and achieve the purpose for which it is used.
  • Decoration: Different decorations are done at different events and beads are used. Glass beads are one of the best materials to use when it comes to decoration as the glass beads lighten up the room and give the party the spark it needs. It is advisable to get glass beads bulk when decorating spaces for  parties as lots of beads will be needed to adequately decorate.
  • Art Materials:Glass beads are used for artwork, most especially mosaics that require putting beads all over artwork drawn on a surface. Glass beads are preferred for the artwork because of the way it shines bright, when used it would bring out the beauty of the artwork achieved.
  • Lampwork:Lampworks are made with melted glass that are molded in flames and sometimes glass beads are melted in place of glass. This use of glass bead has been in existence ever since and the techniques used has also not been forgotten and is still in use in this present age.


The variety of glass beads i.e it having different shapes and color makes it acceptable and used by all. Glass beads has a lot of uses and is really preferred by a lot of people to other beads


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