Do You Know How To Care For Your Steak Knives?


Cutting tools are tools used for cutting. This means that they possess sharp features that facilitate easy cutting. These sharp features only last for long periods when cared for properly. An example of these cutting tools is the steak knife.

The steak knife is a small cutting tool used in cutting the steak in the kitchen or the dining. There are varieties of steak knives and sets, all serving a similar purpose, with the difference being that they are made in different styles and from different materials. This article highlights how to care for the steak knives properly so they function for long periods.

Tools Needed To Care For Steak Knives

In order to care for and preserve the sharp cutting qualities of a cutting tool like a steak knife, specific tools are needed. These tools are:

  1. File: This tool is used in sharpening the edge of the steak knife. It is more of a corrective care tool used chiefly when the knife starts to lose its sharpness. The way it is used depends on the bevel of the cutting tool. Luckily, most steak knives are single-beveled knives and do not demand much skill when sharpening.
  2. Storage tools:This class of tools is more of preservative tools than corrective tools. They are used to preserve the sharp qualities of a cutting tool. They include:
    1. Wall bar magnet: This knife storage tool is placed on walls, cabinets, or other positions where the knife is easily accessible. The bar magnet is used to hold the steak knife’s blade.
    2. Drawer docks: This storage tool preserves the sharp quality of the steak knife by storing it in a drawer with docks. The blade of the knife slides into the dock present in the drawer holding the knife in place.
    3. Cabinet docks: This storage tool also gives easy and quick access to the knife at any time. It is a rack that consists of several knife docks that sheaths the knifes blade. This tool can be placed on cabinets or any place where it is readily accessible.

Caring For Steak Knives

The tips stated below are preservative and corrective procedures for caring for a steak knife. They ensure that the knife retains its sharp quality for long periods. These tips are:

  1. The use of water is dependent on what the knife’s blade is made from: There are three materials mostly used in making steak knives. They include carbonated steel, stainless steel, and ceramic. Knives made from ceramic and stainless steel can be cleaned using water as this does not affect the blade’s sharpness, but carbonated steel cannot be cleaned using water as this dulls the blade’s sharpness.
  2. Clean the knife’s blade with a dry cloth or napkin, as this does not affect the blade’s sharpness.
  3. Store the knife properly using any of the above mentioned storage tools when the knife is not being used.
  4. Sharpen the knife once every week if used regularly and once in two weeks if used scarcely.


Steak knives will continue to remain sharp and effective if cared for properly. Luckily, this article provides details on how to care for steak knives properly.


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