How To Increase the Life Of A Fuel Pump?


Fuel pumps are necessary parts of your vehicle and they place a significant role in the overall efficiency of the engine. You need to get a fuel pump according to the engine as for E85 an e85 compatible fuel pump is needed.

Fuel pumps are not cheap so you can not easily replace them. Taking care of them is worthy to prolong their life span. The given article describes how you can avoid your fuel pump to be damaged and run as long as possible.

Different Ways To Increase The Life Of Fuel Pump

Following are some useful ways that can be helpful for improving the life of your engine’s fuel pump:

● Keep The Tank Full

A good way to increase the life of your vehicle’s fuel pump is that make sure that the fuel tank is full as much as possible. When the fuel tank is full the fuel pump is completely submerged in fuel.

This will lubricate the pump and also maintain its temperature but if the fuel pump is not fully submerged then it may face difficulty in pulling the fuel to the engine from the bottom of the tank. Also, there is no fuel to keep the pump cool and extra heat makes wearing of its component faster.

● Avoid Old Gas Stations

Most people do not know that the quality of the fuel has a great impact on your vehicle’s efficiency and also on the fuel pumps. The old gas stations are mostly dirty or have rusty tanks so the fuel present in those tanks will also have impurities.

When this contaminated fuel goes into your fuel system it can damage the fuel pump so make sure that you only fill up the fuel tank at new gas stations.

● Don’t Fill Out Fuel If Delivery Truck Is At The Gas Station

If you go to a gas station and find out that the delivery truck is filling the tanks of the gas station do not stop there, move to the next station. This is because that fuel will be dumped into underground storage tanks and will stir up the sediment in the tank. If you fill out at that time the sediments may get into your vehicle fuel system and can cause problems.

● Buy A Good Quality Replacement Fuel Pump

When the time occurs to replace the fuel pump never go with the cheap low quality fuel pump as it will not last as long. A good quality fuel pump means that it will last longer and you do not have to replace them after a short time. OSIAS 180 LPH is a good e85 compatible fuel pump that you can consider.

Ending Remarks

A fuel pump is not a thing that you can replace easily after some time. So it is worth following some tips as described in the above article to enhance the overall lifespan of the fuel pump. Another way to avoid damage to the new fuel pump is by cleaning the gas tank properly on your own or by a professional service technician.


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