Tips for making Perfect and Comfortable Lash Bed


Are you going to open a salon and worried about which eyelash bed I should place for clients? Are you thinking about what ways you give comfort to your clients? You need not worry about anything. You are at the right place to get the answer to all your questions.

In this article, we will thoroughly guide you about how to make an eye lash bed a perfect bed for your customers. Knowing about what is a lash bed, you must be aware that a lash bed is designed in such a way as to provide ease to the clients and is well covered with some soft covering. Receiving lashes requires a long time than placing them with only a gum stick.

A customer usually wants to lay-down during such a long session. Buying a lash bed will make your day, and your customers will feel great pleasure to take services from you. There are many ways through which you can provide easiness to your clients, which will be explained in this article.

What are the requirements of a comfortable lash bed?

There are many requirements that will make your lash bed easy to deal with customers.

Height of the lash bed

Suppose you are checking the size of the bed by laying on it, so it will be wrong. You have to check the size of your customers and their ease. You must be careful about the size of the bed while making it comfortable.

Value for money

You should prefer to buy a lash bed that gives you a true level of easiness and is worth for money and your purchase.

Easily cleaned

While purchasing an eye lash bed for your customers, cleaning is the most important factor that you should keep in mind. You should buy a lash bed which is cleaned easily because your clients would not like to lie on a dirty bed.

Parts of the lash bed should be easily replaced.

If your lash bed is worth the money you have spent on it, then you can easily change its parts at any time without giving trouble and discomfort to your customers.

Does your client feel comfortable with it?

By laying on the lash bed, you should consider yourself as a client and feel its comfort level so that your customer may feel relaxed and comfortable while using it.

Pros and cons of using a lash bed

You may have the following pros and cons obtained from your lash bed


  • Easily carried everywhere
  • It is folded at once
  • It is easy to clean quickly
  • Its durability is very high
  • Your customers can lie down on its flat surface
  • You can place your tools on the flat bed


  • A lash bed offers a short height which can lead to severe back pain, leg pain, and neck pain to the one performing lash extension.
  • If the lash bed is too hard, it will also lead to the client’s discomfort, and they will think of not coming again.
  • You will see there is no breathing space for your legs to be placed.

Bottom line

This article is a treasure for you, where you can find the best tips for making your lash bed comfortable for your clients. You can go now and buy your lash bed for clients.


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