How To Make Your Garden Hose Last Longer?


Over time, the hose is bound to wear out. There’s no question about that, but you can enhance the life of the hose. Increase life will provide you more value for money and save a lot of additional bucks. So, how can you make your garden hose last longer? You don’t have to go now to buy a hose immediately. Here are some tips that will help you:

1. Drain The Water From The Hose

After getting done using the hose, always make sure to release all the water from the hose. It will prevent any collection of germs, algae, and other elements that might build up over time.

Stable water in the pipe isn’t an excellent thing for the life of the hose. Therefore, it would be better always to release the water.

2. Don’t Turn Off The Water From Nozzle.

The nozzle controls the water flow and changes the system from a sprinkle to flows and much more. While it can help you damp down the pressure, it is not a great idea to simply put the hose away with water closed from the nozzle.

The pressure will keep building, and there might even be unwanted leaks. Therefore, you should always turn the water off from the main lever. This will prevent a lot of trouble and also comply with the first tip.

3. Try Not To Drag The Nozzle On The Ground

Imagine any material like plastic or rubber dragging on the surface. Sooner or later, it will wear out in durability. Sure, many hose cables are excellent in abrasion resistance. However, they are prone to wearing down sooner or later.

If you drag the nozzle, it will break eventually. Similarly, the hose will also wear out, tear, cause leakages, and much more. So, try to keep the hose elevated.

4. Keep The Cable Close To The Power Socket

This applies to the electrical hose reels that use power cables. The convenience they bring with automatic reeling is fantastic. However, you can’t keep the socket close to the water. That’s high risk! However, you can keep it nearby.

Keep it near enough for the hose reel to reach it, but far enough so that water won’t leak on it. Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds, but you will have to find the balance. This is mainly for electrical or automatic hose reels. Manuals won’t need it.

5. Invest In a Hose Reel

If you don’t have a hose reel already, you should go now and get one. It will help you empty the water as it rolls back after shutting off the water. You won’t have to drag the hose on the ground either. A hose reel often provides the elevation and eases up the storage.

Imagine not having the hose lying around or risking children & pets from pulling it apart. If you can get an automatic hose reel, it would be even better. Try to get a retractable extension cord reel. That will work brilliantly.


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