How Can You Tell if a Brake Caliper Has Gone Bad?


The automobile industry is enormous. It has given us numerous miraculous vehicles. The vehicle itself is something giant. To our astonishment, many tiny and bigger parts work together to assemble something with a larger-than-life impact. Every single element that makes the vehicle is of sheer importance, for instance, the brake caliper. Tiny parts used in the brake system can make a big difference if it goes wrong. It is, therefore, of prime importance to spot a bad caliper. We must do it first because if left unnoticed and untreated, the result can be worse than imagination. So, what is brake caliper and how does it work?

We have brought you the ultimate guide to educate you on the bad brake caliper. Stay tuned!

During an Inspection

One of the best things about automobile parts is that they start giving away indications. The indications are an alert for the upcoming problems that you encounter with your vehicle in the future. A good caretaker is one who routinely takes the car for inspection. The main motive behind such checks is to detect any unforeseen problems.

An expert technician can tell you if your brake caliper has gone wrong during a routine inspection. This happens when dirt or dirt builds up. It is more likely to happen if your technician notices corrosion or leakage in the brake caliper.

Maintenance Checkups

Routine maintenance checkups are the best and inevitable for a vehicle’s longevity. Although the brake material is specialized in bearing the highest degree of wear and tear, still their condition is subject to their use. The best way to tell if a brake caliper is gone wrong is to take the vehicle for a thorough checkup if your car is aggressively used. The aggressive use let them wear faster.

Vehicle pulling to one-side

One of the most prominent signs that your caliper is expired is when your vehicle pulls to one side. While braking, while pulling and releasing the brakes, you will experience vehicle pulling. In other words, you will notice the vehicle getting out of control.

Fluid Leak

You may notice a fluid leak on the caliper’s side. It may be the broken brake which, upon leaking, indicates the caliper has gone bad.

Strange Sounds

Strange sounds coming out of old and worn-out vehicles usually indicate many problems. The worn-out brakes usually squeak. If worn out completely, they make a grinding sound. This is too similar to a bad brake caliper. So if you locate strange sounds around the caliper area, get it treated before it remains no more functional.


Every part of your vehicle is worth it. Even if a minor part goes bad, the impact is so big that it affects the overall vehicle’s efficiency. This blog post must have educated you about a bad brake caliper and how to detect it. You may notice leaked fluid, strange sounds, or a vehicle pulling to one side. An easier detection, however, can be during routine maintenance.



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